• Ayonix Public Security(APS)

    APS is a real-time face recognition software which recognizes walking people in front of IP cameras. It does not require to stop. Its new 3D face technology enables APS to recognize faces up to 45 degrees.

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  • Ayonix Facematcher

    Ayonix has developed the world's first cloud-based 3D face recognition system which can be seamlessly used by Iphone, Android mobile phones.

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  • Ayonix Marketing System

    Based on Ayonix's 3D face technology, Ayonix has released gender and age estimation application for marketing use

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Ayonix Public Security

Ayonix Public Security (APS ver3.0) does real-time face recognition by using IP cameras. It takes people faces in front of connected cameras and safely identifies criminals and suspects in public locations; identifies VIP customers in banking, hotels, hospitals, Supermarkets.

APS contains server application, Client application and Enrollment station to help users to enroll, make a match, search database, edit enrollment information.

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  • Case studies

    Ayonix has many field experiences which brings Ayonix some field know-how. Ayonix efficiently makes use of these experiences for product development. Some of case studies are written in this section for giving case studies of face recognition to our customers

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    Ayonix provides intelligent biometric solutions for your business. Ayonix gives the best solution, support and advices to support your business. Ayonix helps and transfers its knowhow to its solution partners to strength their business.

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